Professional Artist Doodles For A Living


Professional artist Alex Chiu takes inspiration from childhood cartoons such as ‘Ren and Stimpy’ to create his own world, celebrating simplicity and art.

Causing A Sub_Urban Riot


Designers Nate Koach and Jason Reed stray away from the norm with their apparel brand Sub_Urban RIOT that is sure to cause an ‘Always Sunny’ uproar.

‘Chocolate Wasted’ With Cake Bar LA


Sweet tooth fiends can enjoy a Cosmopolitan, Mimosa and a Mudslide without the ensuing hangover (but possibly a tummy-ache if you enjoy too many) through locally based bakery Cake Bar LA.

A Swarm Of Difference


Married couple Rob and Chelsea McFarland connect with beekeepers from all over the world to give voice to their honey bunches of bees.

The ‘It Girl’ Behind That’s Chic


Orange County fashion blogger Rachel Nguyen of That’s Chic reveals what her readers don’t know.

MC Prototype Chases His Dream


Inland Empire-Based Emcee MC Prototype delivers a soulful – yet vintage – hip-hop sound in his latest EP titled “Chasing Dreams,” featuring various So-Cal rap legends.

Hargrave Pays It Forward


Hallett Hargrave is a 22-year-old college student who pays it forward by helping others receive physical therapy after sustaining spinal cord injuries. Do you know what it means to “be perfect”?